The Schlesinger Group constantly strives toward customer service excellence and the meticulous adherence to high standards of reliability and quality.

One-Stop Shop

We are a one-stop shop offering a unique combination of cargo and distribution terminals, bonded warehouses, and handling services, enabling comprehensive handling from containers to the smallest items without unnecessary transportation costs.

Expertise and Innovation

Our diverse solutions along the supply chain enable our customers to focus on their core business and reduce operating costs as well as obtain fast, quality, and innovative logistics solutions. We implement advanced technologies that provide customers with real-time monitoring, control and transparency.

Quality, Experienced, and Reliable Personnel

We employ quality, reliable, and skilled personnel. Our employees and managers hold extensive experience in logistics, undergoing continuous training and enrichment courses to ensure uncompromising service, and constantly strive toward customer service excellence.

Strong and Sophisticated Security Services

Advanced security and control systems

Strict security procedures

Experienced and reliable personnel

Million Dollar Insurance Coverage

Our company places a emphasis on insuring customer cargo and operations. The goods are insured by one of the largest insurance companies in the industry. We offer professional support from insurance and risk-management consultants.

Uncompromising and Excellent Customer Service

24/7/365 customer commitment

99.999% inventory compliance

45 years of experience in Israel’s logistics industry

Since 1971, the Schlesinger Group has specialized in logistics management and has provided logistics, distribution, and transportation services to various retail areas, including textiles, footwear, cosmetics, tools, beverages, high tech, automobiles and electronics.

Information and Computer Infrastructure Security

We implement advanced technologies into our operational services as well as advanced information systems that enable optimization and maximum efficiency. Our computer infrastructures, communications, backup systems, and information security are at the forefront of technology.

Advanced Information and Control Systems

We manage product flow along the supply chain, implementing advanced technologies that provide our customers with real-time monitoring, control and transparency.