The Schlesinger Group provides supply-chain management services. Our professional concept is based on offering modular services, granting our customers the freedom to choose and create a service mix tailored to their logistics supply chain needs.


Manages and operates a marine cargo terminal as well as bonded and free warehouses

  • Indoor warehouse – 30,000m²
  • Open space – 70,000m²
  • Marine terminal, bonded warehouse
  • Discharging and loading, inventory management, distribution services


Cargo Terminal Services

  • The marine cargo terminal is an exterritorial area that provides import and export services concurrent to those provided at Israel’s seaports
  • Full container storage, FCL, refrigeration, and empty containers
  • Storage and discharging of partial containers, LCL
  • Export containerization
  • Transshipments
  • Handling special and complicated cargo
  • Transportation from ports to final destinations in Israel

Bonded Warehouses

Bonded warehouses serve as financial leverage and reduce the pressure to the customer’s cash flow by deferring the customs payments, purchasing taxes, and the VAT. Using this service, customers obtain monitoring and control for their inventory as well as the ability to change their status based on their financial considerations and needs.

Bonded Warehouse Services

  • Container and LCL cargo receipt, storage, and distribution
  • Value-added services (conversion, labelling, marking, etc.)
  • Certification for food, cosmetics, etc.
  • Transportation and distribution to points of sale



Manages and operates logistics services along the customer’s supply chain, while ensuring flexibility, accuracy and short turnaround times

  • ·Specializes in the provision of logistics services to various retail industries, including clothing, footwear, food, cosmetics, tools, and beverages.
  • Outsourcing services and solutions for supply chain management
  • Our solutions enable our customers to focus on their core business and reduce operating costs. We offer our customers operational quality and flexibility, as evident in our flexible and short timetables as well as in our quality logistic solutions, skilled personnel, strict security procedures, advanced information systems and many years of experience.

bat-finalIQ Logistics provides integrative solutions for managing the logistical supply chain and product handling, while relying on and fully coordinating its operations with the Schlesinger Group’s infrastructures—Ashdod Bonded marine cargo terminal, bonded and free warehouses, and the local distribution company. This combination allows the company to offer a broad range of services for managing and streamlining the logistical chain.

Supply Chain Management

  • Receiving shipments from ports—air and sea
  • Transporting shipments to logistics centers
  • Receiving, sorting, and damage control with L/P
  • Putaway services under bonded/free status
  • Inventory management by catalogue, lot, and serial numbers (including expiration dates) (FIFO, LIFO, cross-docking)
  • Various methods of order collection and loading control (by item/order/lane)
  • Managing distribution to the point of sale/customer site
  • Managing product flow along the supply chain using WMS systems and advanced technologies that enable us to provide our customers with real-time monitoring, control, and transparency.
  • Various collection- and order-preparation methods by item, packaging, or pallet


Transportation and Distribution Services

We provide immediate distribution services nationwide. Every truck is tracked and located. The distribution network attends to hundreds of locations every day.

  • Box distribution services nationwide
  • Distribution to specific point or distribution line
  • Distribution to businesses, chains, or customer homes
  • Transportation of cargo between branches
  • Pickup of customer returns
  • Transportation of containers, partial shipments, and air shipments from all ports—air and sea