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Work Process

Receipt of goods

sea, and air cargo are received and handled according to customer requirement

Inventory Management

Diversified inventory management with high accuracy and reliability


automatic sorting for a wide range of actions: orders, returns, inventory counts, model sorting, SKU sorting, and more

Transportation and distribution

transportation and distribution nationwide by a variety of means according to the type of goods.

Economies of scale ONE STOP SHOP
a unique combination of cargo terminals, bonded warehouses, distribution center, and product handling systems at one site, enabling service up to the item level without unnecessary transportation costs. Manage product flow using advanced technologies.
Over 50 years of experience and professionalism
enable our customers’ quality and operational flexibility, expressed in flexible schedules, accuracy, and uncompromising service awareness, building logistic partnerships with customers out of understanding their needs for a responsible and efficient competitive advantage.
Flexibility and Technology
The Group specializes in managing Logistics infrastructure from 1971 to the present. Accumulated and proven experience of over 50 years, managing logistics centers along the customer’s supply chain with a wide geographic distribution while adhering to the highest standards.

Company Service

ניהול מרכזים לוגיסטיים
מנהלת ומתפעלת מערכים לוגיסטיים לאורך שרשרת האספקה של הלקוח, תוך הקפדה על גמישות, דיוק ומהירות התגובה.

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