Our Advantages

Excellence in service and a commitment to high standards of reliability and quality are the cornerstones of the Schlesinger Group.


a unique combination of a loading terminal, warehouses, distribution centers, and a product handling system on one site, allowing for handling from container level to item level without unnecessary transportation costs. 

Expertise and innovation

our diverse supply chain solutions enable our customers to focus on their core business, reduce operating costs, and receive fast, quality, and innovative logistics solutions based on advanced technologies that enable control, monitoring, and data transparency to the customer in real time.

Quality and experienced workforce
our company employs experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in the supply chain industry. Our company has a high service awareness, is success-oriented, and is committed to excellence and constant improvement.
Strong and sophisticated security system
our site is protected by a smart and advanced 24/7/365 security system aimed at deterring and preventing potential threats and risks. We have strict controls in place to provide our customers with peace of mind.
Uncompromising service awareness
as a service provider, we are 100% committed to our customers and see ourselves as a logistics unit within their business. Our company strives continuously to improve the quality of service and increase customer satisfaction.
Comprehensive insurance coverage

Our company places great importance on responsibility and insurance for our customer’s goods. Our website and its contents are secured through leading insurance companies in the insurance and risk management field. 

Information security and computer infrastructure
We invest as required to protect our communication and computing systems with advanced technologies and tools in the world, in order to ensure continuous business integrity for ourselves and our customers.
Advanced information and control systems
Material flow management along the supply chain is managed through advanced information systems tailored to the customer’s needs, including diverse and complementary solutions.
Accumulated experience since 1971
The group has many years of experience and specializes in solutions throughout the supply chain, from arrival at the ports to their distribution to the destination.